5 years of college and countless lessons learned

Hi all,

This week I have been saying “holy crap” to myself, because I think it’s finally setting in that this is my last year in college. Then it’s time to join the real world – but honestly I don’t know what is more real than working 40 hours a week on top of taking 14 to 15 credits. I have decided that the “real world” is going to be a breathe of fresh air from the “hustle and bustle” life I’m living now.

It feels like just yesterday I was bawling my eyes out as I was saying goodbye to my mom and the reality started setting in that I was starting my adventure in a state where I knew no one. I feel like I have come a long ways since those days. I mean I can live on my own and seem to always have enough panties and I don’t catch my place on fire when I cook – those two things are great accomplishments for college students. Oh and did I mention that I rarely eat Ramen noodles? πŸ™‚

So in honor of me finishing up my college career I decided to collaborate a list of things I have learned. Please note that I received assistance from my lovely friend Ainsley Harper – I in fact have never shot beer out of my nose…oh wait I take that back. There was that one time! πŸ™‚

What five years in college will teach you:

  • Drinking is most certainly the reason most college students gain the freshman 15…or 20…or 30.
  • If they don’t drink, they are guaranteed to gain weight from the insanely delicious, yet exceptionally unhealthy union food.
  • Karma is a bitch. Don’t laugh at people who fall on the ice, because you are next!
  • When siting sources for AP always put the credits at the end of the quote…if not you just lost an easy 15 points.
  • Having a friend who dated…and then married…the floor CA will allow for countless nights of celebration.
  • Falling asleep in class will only warrant your professor a reason to make you do a lap around the building.
  • Being a poor college student is not a joke – it’s reality.
  • Eating Mexican food for your birthday supper…not the best idea.
  • When taking a test and the question is “how many compartments are their to a cows stomach” you will almost always forget one of them even though you could repeat them in your sleep…backwards.
  • If you are shot-gunning a beer, don’t laugh because it will come out your nose…and it will burn.
  • Not wearing sweats to class makes you a minority.
  • Attending a school that has a “dry campus” policy doesn’t mean there will be no alcohol…it will just mean that kids will come up with creative ways to sneak it.
  • “Pink slime” is in fact called lean finely textured beef (LFTB) and it is an additive to meat in order to cut the cost.
  • When analyzing an article or a book…you will most likely be wrong in your analysis unless you came up with the most off the wall analysis possible.
  • When being an orientation leader parents and students, will most definitely laugh when you point out the Dyke house during a tour…they will also then ask what it stands for…and you will have no answers. (can you say awkward?)
  • There are seven different C’s to the Social Change Model; collaboration, common purpose, controversy with civility, citizenship, consciousness of self, congruence and commitment.

I’m sure you are saying to yourself, “This girl just payed $50,000 dollars to learn how to drink.” That is the farthest thing from the truth. I have truly learned how to be a proficient and detail oriented writer. I went into college not knowing the difference between a comma and a semi-colon and now I am walking out with the ability to read a newspaper and catch almost every mistake in it. Maybe, editing is where I should be someday, who knows.

What I do know is that college has shaped me into the person I am today. I know what I want out of life and I won’t settle for anything less than that. It has taught me how to do something that I love, writing. It has showed me the true definition of a best friend. It has also taught me how to fail miserably and then how to give a 110 percent the next day.

College doesn’t only teach people science, math and English; it helps them build self character. College truly shapes people into the person they wish to be.

Do you dare to share some of your lessons learned during college? I would love to hear some, whether they are drinking stories or a mathematical equation! πŸ™‚


❀ LL


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